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How to be chosen by the person you fancy.

I never seem to attract the person I fancy... Whether you are male or female, don’t you think it brings happiness to be chosen by someone you love or fancy and be able to spend time with him or her? But there are many people who think they never attract the person...

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Let’s Love

Do you love yourself? I was not very good at loving myself when I was little.  Looking back, until I became 26 years old, I feel it has been a study period for me to learn to love myself.  I don’t read much these days, but I used to read volumes of books like crazy...

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About Soul Purpose

I am often asked by clients what their soul purposes are. I think people ask this question because most people would want to find a job that's fulfilling. If I were not happy with my work, I would also go to a spiritual teacher and ask the same question. When we are...

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Can you cure Cancer?

I often get asked: "Can you cure cancer?" My answer is: "No I can't!" I don't have that power. However, among 3,000+ clients I have seen, there were two people who reported that their cancer have disappeared. It may have been coincidence. But I think there is...

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Being a Spiritual Healer

I have just finished teaching the Spiritual Anatomy® Practitioner Course a few days ago. Most of students travelled from Japan for the course. Their enthusiasm is wonderful! I am sure they will become brilliant practitioners, and I am looking forward to seeing it. I...

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Truly love yourself

Being able to love yourself can change everything around you. I was talking with my mother over the phone the other day. I called her because I needed to talk to her about something, but she wasn’t listening to me. She said: “well, let’s talk about your next visit....

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Understanding your true self

Happy New Year. I hope you enjoy reading the blog, there will be lots more to come in 2017. I often use the phrase “in order to make the life easier”. I think it’s because I was finding the life difficult when I was suffering from eating disorder. It doesn’t mean that...

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Everything is down to me.

I had taken a break for the last two weeks. I can’t remember the last time when I had a full two-weeks’ holiday. During this two weeks, I had been to a language school and I was learning English among twenty-something young students. This has been one of my dreams and...

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Upcoming events

Look out for upcoming events and courses. Updated regularly.