Lately I’m thinking of living in an eco-village. Or changing my house to be eco-friendlier. I’m relay worry about global warming and the environmental footprint that I will leave behind.

Ten years ago when I had my eating disorder I did not care even a little bit about these important things. All I cared about was eating. My eating disorder lasted for more than a decade. So you could say I was on a diet for a very long time. Heating myself every time I ate something. But when I was not eating all I could think about was food.

Those days I was wondering will this ever stop. I was in a vicious circle not seeing a way out. It was a struggle. Many of us in this world would like to lose weight. Some of us would like put on weight. Others are struggling with reducing sugar intake. Almost everyone is thinking to have a better body by changing the amount and type of food. We are trying to follow the diet of actress, models and fitness instructors. We get frustrated when it doesn’t go well. And we start eating even more. There are many people that go through this vicious circle. So how to success in a diet, there is only one way.

The biggest enemy in your diet is your stress. The stress that you are on a diet. Let’s have a look on how human brain reacts to a diet. Firstly, you brain knows that it needs food to live. Without food you die, simple. Because of that when you eat you feel comfortable and safe. So a diet is like a non-stop alarm for the brain which produces stress. Stress for the brain means danger, how to avoid danger you have to eat. Even if you not on diet your brain will reach for that food comfort. Sometimes after a hard day you are will have a big bowl of ice cream just to feel that you are not in danger anymore. So your focus should be how to lose weight without stress. So let’s think who is making this stress.

It’s your mind, your mind if controlling your life and it’s not doing a great job. You need to change your life manager to your soul. Soul doesn’t carry stress. Soul is always comfortable. Soul know your perfect body size. And will only ask for food that is perfect for your body. Your body will transform naturally. You will lose or put on weight depending on what your body needs. If you had any skin problems, you soul will ask for ingredients that will make them disappear.

When I realised ten years ago that I have a soul my mind control was over. At the same time my eating disorder vanished. My soul told me that you don’t need to eat a lot. The important thing is the quality of your food. So I started to pay attention to what I eat and the feeling of constant hunger disappeared. The biggest advantage of the ‘’soul diet’’ is that it doesn’t come with any stress.