If you want to change yourself, you have part(s) of you that you are rejecting buried deep under your subconscious. If you wish to be successful, you might have the feeling of “I am not special” buried deep under your subconscious. If you find yourself being angry at everyone at any small occasion, your body may still be carrying the anger against your parents that you felt but couldn’t express when you were little.

Human consciousness is very intricate, and there is no one person who has the same make-up of the consciousness as yours.
Where can we go?  What can we do to find the true happiness?
Is it about becoming successful?  Is it about material possession?
Is it about accepting and loving yourself unconditionally?
Yes, they all have valid points.But the truth is, you can only feel the true happiness when you are liberated from the illusion of being ‘yourself’. Self is illusion.  Believing that your Self exists is a curse.  It is almost like mind control at the deepest level.
And what’s worse is that the self that you think you are often rejects you and denies you. That means as long as you are trapped in the belief that your Self exists, you cannot escape from the self rejection and denial.  You will never experience the feeling of being filled with true love.

What a trouble. Ascension means we liberate ourselves from the curse of self and transcend it. What do you think you will find beyond Self? It is your consciousness merged with the universal consciousness. At the moment, our consciousness is separated from the universal consciousness.  That’s because our consciousness is locked in in the cage of Self. When our consciousness escapes from the cage, we will discover that there exists consciousness on the new dimension. That consciousness has not lost its connection to the universal consciousness, and it is filled with love. So.  We need to wake up now.  Wake up from the dream of being yourself.  You will wake up as a being filled with love who has not lost the connection with the universal consciousness. When I have liberated myself from the curse of being myself, I realised that human has infinite possibility and ability. At the same time, I found my aptitude and my role to play here.  It is to let people experience the same miracle that had happened to me.  That is also the wish of the universal consciousness. I have recovered the connection with the universal consciousness, and it has become my job to realise the wish of the universal consciousness. You all need to transcend your Self now.  We don’t have much time.
I’m sure you will wonder “but what can I do?” There are a couple of answers to this. First, if you are hurt and your heart is crying, then pay all your attention to heal the hurt. Second is to touch and experience the frequency of love that doesn’t exist on this dimension. That means to come into contact with higher beings. In my case, I download Sanat Kumara and dragons for my clients to experience their frequency directly. This makes you wake up (meaning you will transcend your Self). These two are both equally important. Even if you are suffering very badly right now, don’t worry.  It is only the make-believe produced by your own self. Before I liberated myself from the curse of self, I had suffered from eating disorders for 16 years. So I can assure you, you will be all right.