I am often asked by clients what their soul purposes are. I think people ask this question because most people would want to find a job that’s fulfilling. If I were not happy with my work, I would also go to a spiritual teacher and ask the same question.

When we are doing something that only you can do, or something that makes you feel you are special, we tend to feel joy and fulfillment. So I can understand why people want to find out the life purpose and do that work.

There is one thing in common in all kinds of soul purpose, though, that is the ability to empathise. It doesn’t matter what work you do.

When my daughter was born, I stayed at home as a mother and housewife. I was extremely busy with looking after my baby daughter and coping with life in a foreign country at the same time. Looking back, I don’t know why I was so busy, but in any case, I didn’t know what to do most of the time and I didn’t have other family members near me who I can ask for help.

My partner was not there when I needed his help, because he was out at work every day. And when he was around, I would find his socks scattered on the floor, and packaging of sweets he had eaten were not put in the bin. Even though I was busy and exhausted, I found time to cook dinner for him but he would just eat that without saying anything.

I was always frustrated because he didn’t understand how hard it was for me to manage both the housework and looking after the child.

I started to work when our daughter grew up a little, but I was still doing all the housework. I had to do the school run, make lunch, attend school fairs, and between these commitments I found time to do my work. I was literally as busy as a bee. My partner was still working every day but that was all he did. I was still frustrated because he didn’t understand how hard it was for me to juggle between looking after the daughter, doing the housework and doing my own work.

A while later, many incidents have happened one after another, it was like our family was struck by a thunder bolt. During this time, my psychic channel has fully opened up, and I swapped the role with my husband. I mean, I have become the bread earner of our family, and my husband became the househusband.

I got to understand how hard it is to look after a family, and how much responsibility I had. I came to respect all the fathers in the world, from the bottom of my heart. When I am busy with my work, it requires so much concentration that I can’t care about anything else but my work. I sometimes didn’t even remember if I had eaten dinner or not. Yes, it was the dinner that my partner has cooked for me, and I didn’t remember eating that.

When you are experiencing hardship, it might be very frustrating for you. But you could look at it another way. Your soul might have chosen to experience that hardship so that you can understand other people, as many people as possible, and empathise with them.

A person who survived cancer can emphasize with someone who has cancer, much more so than someone who has not experienced being a cancer patient, and able to give support in ways that people without cancer cannot give.

I used to suffer from eating disorder, so I can spot someone with the same condition when I am walking in the street. When I do, I cheer them up in my heart and pray for them to get better.

I can understand how the mothers in the middle of bringing up small children feel like, too, and how they sometimes feel like smacking their husband. But at the same time, now I can also understand how fathers who work their head off for their families feel like. The wife may think he is having a good time drinking on company account when entertaining a client, but that is still work with responsibility. Husbands work hard to make a mark in the corporate world.

Instead of trying to avoid tough experiences and failures, if you could look at them from a different angle, then you will find that you can understand so many different people in the world and you can emphasize with them, too. Moreover, you can really connect with the people who had similar experiences as yours. It will bring you truly wonderful experiences.