Spritual Anatomy®によるスピリチュアルと心理学のセミナー・ワークショップ

Spiritual guidance for corporate clients

Momoyo has helped many corporate clients reach a better understanding of themselves through spiritual consultation and guidance. The sessions are divided in two parts, each lasting for 90 minutes. The first one incorporates a lecture on Spiritual Psychology and the effects of it on corporate world. The second part entails a deep meditation, where guided by Momoyo, you will reach your deeper self, release Gamma brain waves, which, in turn, will create a better understanding between you and your employees as well as between coworkers themselves. Better understanding eventually leads to a fully-functional team, unified in their goal and ready to give their maximum for your company.

What it involves

Spiritual Consultation/Guidance for company (getting 3 sets of 3hours)

Momoyo performs spiritual consultation and guidance for companies as well. Her strategies, tools and tactics have enabled many businesses streamline, innovate and finally reach their potential. The spiritual consultation for companies is divided in two sets, each lasting for three hours.

1. Basic knowledge

At the first stage, you and your employees will understand the intricate connection of Spirituality and Psychology as well as their influence on the business world. You will learn how to listen to yourself, which will in turn provide you with a clear idea of what your thinking pattern is as well as what the thinking patterns of your employers’ are.

2. The art of communication

The second stage is a continuation of the first one, expanding on the mutual understanding phase. You will learn how to communicate better with your employees, and your employees will learn how to communicate better among themselves. The second stage will provide enough “spiritual food” for your employees to stay both healthy and highly productive.

3. The energy flow

The finally stage incorporates bringing the energy of your whole company on a higher level, a brighter and more positive one. Once your employees have reached their deeper selves and started listening and understanding to each other more, the work will appear as it is, enjoyable and gratifying. This will enable your company to function as one, resonating at higher frequency and attracting more opportunities and better financial flow.

Upcoming events

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