Last week during my photo shooting I started to wonder what is spirituality. And I came to a realisation that it’s not so cool as people think.

How many people are understanding spirituality for what it really is. Spiritually to me is about looking into yourself. This is not something to have fun with or for you to become someone else.

This is what you have to do, this is why you have a life.

Through your life you will attach a lot of traumas that will make it difficult to look into yourself. If you want to see who you really are you need to heal your trauma. So if you think about it spirituality is not as glamour’s as many people assume. It doesn’t take you to a different world. A lot of people are dreaming of traveling to a higher dimension, becoming physic or stating to channel others. This is not spirituality for me.

When I do a seminar quite often I get a question from attender ‘’why I didn’t fall over’’. I always answer: why you wanted to fall over? Most attenders who came to my seminar with intentions to fall over are the once who stand very firmly and find it very difficult to experience the fall. The reason for this is their ego is dreaming that once they will collapse they will become someone else. And then they ask themselves why I didn’t drop, but the question should be why I wanted to fall over.

That’s why they need to look at their ego. One thing that I can say about my seminar and attenders who are collapsing, that their egos are ready to meet up with their souls.

Their ego is brave enough to meet with soul. Your ego has to have courage to face yourself.

I’m always look forward to meet brave egos. For me those people are very spiritual.