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Is spiritual life = happiness?

The answer is no. I don’t think that living in spirituality is the only way to live happily. Or, spirituals will not erase your hard life. That’s because we were born with homework to grow awareness. School homework won’t be for you if someone asks you to do it. I hate homework and I always had my friends copy their homework, After all, I grew up and saw painful eyes due to weak academic ability.

The same can be said for spirituals. Spirituality is just the essence of life. There is no problem without it, but for some people it is a very necessary tool of life. We have seen many people gaining a sense of happiness that doesn’t sound like words when they begin to live spiritually. Looking at it, I think that living spiritually is one of the purposes of the soul for many people. In other words, I feel that waking up spiritually is one of my homework.


The first one: Many people are trapped in past events (failures, painful events, scared events, events that have been felt unloved, act ..) and are confined to a small world without being able to find themselves. I want to live more now when I meet those people. The past is the past. I’m sorry. However, for those who have been captured in the past, it is difficult to understand what it means to live now. The same was true for me, who once suffered from eating disorders and depression. This is because past memories have dragged the person into a small world. To live now is to free yourself from your past.

I hope that I could help as many people as possible with the supremacy that I was born with, to release as many people as possible from my past memories, to be full of confidence, to be confident and to live at this moment. I am thinking.

The second: I was very psychic when I was little. However, such abilities are not generally accepted, and I learned from my child that it was a suspicious world, and sealed the abilities. However, by sealing the ability, I was unable to connect with myself.

What is spiritual? I have asked myself many times since I started doing this job. The meaning of spirituality may be different for each person. But waking up spiritually doesn’t feel like a tool that connects you to the real self. If you wake up spiritually is a tool to connect with your true self, I believe that it will surely appear to me. I will help spiritually awaken those I meet. We do this through White Magic called Spiritual Anatomy®.


What is Dragon Attunement?

It is a work to connect a high-dimensional dragon with your soul. Dragons are hundreds of times the frequency of love that our hearts have. Have love frequency. Just connecting people and dragons at a slightly higher level, the consciousness of that person enters the heart space. Awareness goes on a high level journey. During that time, various painful pasts and memories of the person are healed by the frequency of the dragon. Once connected, the energy of the dragon has the magical power of being able to heal at any time just by imagining the dragon.

Dragon Attunement Session

Group session time 1 hour
Session method: Face-to-face (seminar participants in the UK or Japan) only


Experience the true transformational power of Momoyo, her energy and knowledge. Find yourself on the road to self discovery, where you will transcend the limits of your egoistic self and reach higher dimension of your true self. Knowing the personal matrix that you possess will enable you to realise your true purpose in life. Once the perception doors are opened, once you are spiritually awakened, you will be able to align your individual goals with the greater universal ones. This will break the vicious circle of negative feelings, self-doubt, constant failing and loss of the self. Once the true goals are set, it is only a matter of time until they are reached.

Experience what it means to be fully connected to the Universe and you will see how easy it is to live in accordance with your true self, in complete blissfulness. Below is a list of my upcoming events with details on how to obtain tickets.


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