Returning to your true self means the awakening of your brain. Awakening from what?  From your ego-mind created by your own brain to your soul being who has not lost its connection to the universal consciousness.  In other words, to have the awareness that your ego-mind is not what you believed yourself to be after all.
Almost everybody in the world believe his/her ego-mind IS him/her.  They are hijacked by their own brain.
For the past two weeks, I have been teaching the Spiritual Anatomy® practitioner course and the advanced practitioner course in London.  Spiritual Anatomy®, in short, is about awakening your brain. But explaining what Awakening is is difficult, because it is not something you can explain with words.  It’s something you experience, and only who had the experience can truly get it.  But I still have to try to explain it to people who have not had the experience. But if Spiritual Anatomy® is about awakening your brain, then practitioners must have some degree of experience of the awakening of their brain.  There is a dilemma. In the end I came to think that this course is about bringing healing at the deepest level and making students aware that what they believed they were weren’t in fact themselves at all. We need to awaken as many people as possible now.   In this sense, whether you are student of my practitioner course or attendee of my seminar, the purpose is the same. The difference is, compared to seminars and workshops, during the practitioner course I can spend much longer in explaining each topic, and students have much longer time to work on themselves. In my practitioner course, I alternate the lecture time and the time for students to work on each other, and I repeat the same process many times over.  Then what I saw was that student’s brain started to awaken one after another.  Does this mean that you need to allow certain period of time for the awakening?
We need to become aware of what our True Self is.  We need to connect our brain to our soul.  Our soul knows what peace is.  Our soul knows how to love yourself and others without barrier, without condition.  It is filled with love.  Every soul has this quality.  It is coded in every soul. When majority of people wake up to their soul, that means majority of people live by their heart with love and peace of mind.  This in turn will change our society and system to be the one that is love and peace based. I ask you, am I alone in thinking this way?

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