Happy New Year. I hope you enjoy reading the blog, there will be lots more to come in 2017.

I often use the phrase “in order to make the life easier”. I think it’s because I was finding the life difficult when I was suffering from eating disorder.

It doesn’t mean that everyone who reads this blog is finding the life difficult, but I assume there are many people who are at odds with themselves because they don’t understand themselves very well.

Whether you are finding your life a little tough or finding it okey, by properly understanding your true self will make your life far more interesting, fulfilling and fun.

I often refer to the word “spiritual”. It might surprise you, however, if I tell you that I am generally not that interested in so-called “spiritual” stuff. I mean “spiritual” in a sense which refers to psychic abilities or mysterious happenings that cannot be explained.

There is one thing that I would like everybody to know. That is, in order to fully enjoy your own life, there is no other way than understanding yourself.

The reason why my sufferings disappeared is because I truly, deeply understood myself.

When I talk about this, some people jump to the conclusion that that’s the way to get out of their own suffering and making their life easy. But it is not that easy to understand every little part of your own self.

For example, there are a few students of COCORO college who have been seeing me for personal sessions for the last three years regularly at their own pace. I am not making it obligatory to have my sessions. But a small number of students continue to do so because they understand why it is important and necessary to have personal sessions. And they do so because every time after having a session they discover a new aspect of their true self.

At the moment I do not know how I can help others discovering their true self other than offering them one-to-one sessions.

Why it is is because most people have a part, or many parts, of themselves stuck behind in their past. I will write about why this happens in a different article. But in any way, I have to trace back the timeline and retrieve that part of the client that’s been left behind and bring it back to the present. But in order to do this, I need to carefully observe the consciousness of the client. This is an intense process and it can only be done in the personal sessions. I cannot do it during seminars and events when there are many people and time is very limited. Observing the client’s consciousness and finding true self of the client within it takes time, and I also need 100% rapport from the client. Building up the rapport also takes time.

From my own experience and after seeing more than 3000 clients, I can say that most people lose their true self in the environment of how they were brought up.  People build a personality that suits their environment and this new personality replaces the true self. In a sense human beings are very flexible and adaptable in that they can create a personality in order to protect themselves from getting hurt. It might be an innate mechanism of human being.

But the problem is that almost everybody is living with their true self being suppressed and lost.

Let me introduce a feedback from one of my clients here.

“During the session, MOMOYO has pulled out many of my core beliefs. It was beautifully done. MOMOYO was able to put into words the obscure unhappy feelings that have been nagging me for years.

I was stunned to discover the false beliefs I had. For the next few days after the session, I felt as if a part of my brain was frozen. By the time when that feeling is thawed and the brain came back to normal, I felt something has changed. 

This change was a big shock to me, I felt like something has turned upside down inside me. I was also shocked by how much false beliefs I had in the past. I felt shock after shock of discovery since the session.

Since I started seeing MOMOYO for sessions in July, I had gone through many episode of being shocked. Recently the issues between my mother and me are rising to the surface. I feel that my healing process is accelerating and I am so happy about it.

Because I have been feeling unhappy for so many years, what have been happening in the last 6 months is like a dream to me.

The changes I have experienced in the later half of this year have been so rapid and drastic, I almost felt dizzy with the changes taking place but it has been fantastic. I can not thank MOMOYO and her sessions enough.

Thank you for all what you have given me in 2016.”

The core beliefs and false beliefs that the client is referring to is what I mentioned above, “the new personality that forms to suit the environment” that replaces the true self.

We make up a character and live a life as the character, truly believing it is you. Isn’t it weird and scary? But just imagine the sense of freedom, happiness and love when that false character falls apart and your true self is revealed.

You will encounter the absolute love that has always been with you within yourself when that false character falls away.

When this happens, it will no longer be necessary to ask someone else to love you. You will no longer feel panicked. You will no longer live in order to gain love of someone else.

What’s more, you will be able to give pure love to other people.

You will feel immense love toward your family and friends, who you may have held grudge against in the past.

And then, you will become aware that this was the sole purpose of life!

You will become aware that happiness is not about:

  • Finding the right partner
  • Changing the way your partner behaves
  • Earning more money
  • Passing the exam
  • Losing weight
  • Overcoming illness

You will no longer chasing after endless goals in order to become happy.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t chase such goals. If that’s what you want, then go for it! But I do believe real happiness comes from being able to feel the pure love and be able to share it.

As I said before, I don’t know how you can achieve this other than having regular personal sessions with me. This is my honest feeling at the moment.

But there is only one me. My personal sessions always become fully booked as soon as it is advertised, despite it costs money. As a human being, I also have to earn my living. But it often makes me feel frustrated that I can only see one person per session, when there are a whole lot of people who are waiting out there. I wish I could win a lottery so that I don’t have to worry about making a living but just do the sessions for free.

But I don’t want to waste time being frustrated. I would love to work on many more people, but I tell myself that I will see whoever I can see for whatever time available for me with my fullest capacity.

Meanwhile, I have been thinking hard as to how I can increase the number of people who will benefit from my work, and I came up with two ideas.

One of the idea is to teach my original MOMOYO psychology/anthropology. It is about learning the workings of human consciousness. Knowing the mechanism of human consciousness will help you understand yourself at a deeper level. This is what is taught at COCORO College. The college is designed for people who want to become practitioners, but it is most important to understand yourself at a deeper level before becoming a practitioner. And I am hoping that I will be able to help the students deepen their understanding of themselves by spending time with them for as long as possible while they learn at the college. It is my wish to send out practitioners who have understood themselves truly and fully.

The second idea is using the work that have been downloaded from the universe. It is what I perform in the seminars and workshops, and many people probably identify MOMOYO as a person who does this work of cosmic origin. It is the work that shuts down your mind talk. When I work on people on stage, people tend to fall down on the floor, so some people call this work Magic. When this work is done to you, your thinking process is halted and you will be brought back to the state of being the soul. The experience is truly remarkable, it cannot be compared to anything else. It’s probably not surprising considering that thinking starts almost as soon as you are born and it has never stopped ever since.

When I look at the faces of people when they “come back” after falling on the floor, they look like a new born baby. I see from their expression that they are reunited with their true self. It takes a while to fully come back from this experience, most people would sit quietly and stare into the space while they reintegrate their true self.

Our mind never stop talking, they always want to pull you into negative thinking. So it is important to shut it down from time to time in order to remember who you truly are.

This has been a long entry, thank you for reading. One last thing, I would like to make a new year resolution for the year 2017.

I would like to focus more on teaching people about the workings and mechanisms of human consciousness this year, so that more people will have better understanding of themselves. My main activities until last year have been running workshops and seminars, using the magic and shutting down people’s minds. This year I would like to deliver both the teaching sessions as well as workshops and seminars, so that many more people can be reunited with their true self.

I look forward to meeting and working with more people in 2017.

Thank you.