Most of us are trapped by our own negative self-images and suffer from it. For example, “I’m stupid”, “I’m lazy”, “Nobody loves me”, “My mother doesn’t accept me” etc etc… A person can have many negative self-images. But if you can be freed from these self-images, then you will no longer deny yourself. This means that you will accept yourself as the way you are and love yourself from the heart. Once you stop denying yourself, then you will be freed from the stress that is created by yourself, and your thoughts will change to bright and positive ones.


An inner child is the little you who is still with you, carrying the emotions and feelings you felt when you were a child. An adult can have many inner children. An inner child is typically born when you experience a sad event or a tough event.

If you have an inner child, she or he will get mixed up with you as an adult deep down in your consciousness.

If you sometimes cry when you remember your childhood event and feel it as if it is happening now, that means your inner child is very, very alive in yourself. An inner child doesn’t allow you to be true to yourself. An inner child doesn’t allow you to be happy either. The inner child says: “You can’t be happy when I am so sad. You can’t leave me like this.” But if you release the sadness and hurt that your inner child is carrying, then s/he will be healed and disappear.


Our memories are all stored in the matrix field. That means our inner children and trauma are all recorded in the matrix field.

It is the library of our memories.Matrix field is a field of wonder. By accessing the memory that you want to heal and pour it with loving energy, it will change to a brighter memory. When the memory is altered this way, then the sadness or hatred that your inner child is carrying also disappears, and your inner child is filled with love.

Have you ever felt that you want to be loved or you want to be appreciated? That is the cry of your inner child stored in the matrix field. Just pouring love over such memory will change it, and you will no longer experience the same feeling of wanting to be loved. You will be filled with love instead.


If you listen with your heart, you will know if the person you are talking to is talking through his/her heart or mind.

When Momoyo responds with her heart, even if the client is talking through the mind can open his/her heart and liberated from thought. Heart contains wonderful powers of freeing people from their thought.


The meditation of Spiritual Anatomy® is a little different. It is the method that came to Momoyo as she awoke to her true self. It doesn’t involve using mantras or breathing techniques.

Instead this meditation technique separates the brain and the thought, and connects the brain with the heart. Momoyo sometimes touches the client’s head, but this can be done remotely and the effect is the same. Why this can be done remotely is because our heart doesn’t recognise us as matter but it reads us as information.

This simple process put the client into deep meditative state. How deep a person can go into meditation depends on the client, but many people have been completely liberated from their thought and connected with their heart, bringing the healing of inner child and trauma and realising the true self within just a few minutes.


With this work, Momoyo connects the client with the dragon energy. Dragons carry the frequency of love that is 100+ times stronger than ours. By connecting you with the dragon energy, you would fall into deep meditative state and the sad memory of being hurt is healed by the dragon frequency.

Once you are connected with the wondrous healing energy of dragon, you will be able to heal yourself any time you like just by imaging your dragon is with you.


Experience the true transformational power of Momoyo, her energy and knowledge. Find yourself on the road to self discovery, where you will transcend the limits of your egoistic self and reach higher dimension of your true self. Knowing the personal matrix that you possess will enable you to realise your true purpose in life. Once the perception doors are opened, once you are spiritually awakened, you will be able to align your individual goals with the greater universal ones. This will break the vicious circle of negative feelings, self-doubt, constant failing and loss of the self. Once the true goals are set, it is only a matter of time until they are reached.

Experience what it means to be fully connected to the Universe and you will see how easy it is to live in accordance with your true self, in complete blissfulness. Below is a list of my upcoming events with details on how to obtain tickets.


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