I often get asked: “Can you cure cancer?”
My answer is: “No I can’t!”

I don’t have that power.
However, among 3,000+ clients I have seen, there were two people who reported that their cancer have disappeared.
It may have been coincidence.
But I think there is something you can try.
That is to bring back your heart to health. (Heart in this instance means energetic, emotional heart)
I think almost all illnesses, whether physical or mental, arises from the heart being unwell.
It’s important to keep your physical body healthy.
It’s also important to keep your heart healthy, too.
But because the illness of the emotional heart cannot be seen by the eye, it is often overlooked. And it accumulates stress without being noticed, then gradually it starts to manifest in the physical body in the form of physical disease.

It is not proven by the modern medical science, it is only my observation.

When I get a client who has cancer, I always say to the person:
“I am not a doctor, so I can’t cure your cancer.
But I can help you with getting your heart back to health.”
Curing the cancer is not the purpose of the session.
It makes more sense to try to make everybody’s heart happy.
Because when your heart is filled with light and happiness, then life becomes full of joy whatever the condition you have.