I love me session, I’m proud of my session. I get a lot of positive feedback from my customers saying that they never experienced anything like it. It very good, personally I’m happy.

But this is not my target. I’m not aiming to become a symbol of greatness. I know that not everyone can have a session with me. And really it’s not what I what. My goal is for everyone to achieve happiness and fullness in their lives. For everyone to experience a miracle. This feeling becomes bigger the more I get famous.

Last week I did a seminar in London, the design was different then my normal one. The idea was for them to take the magic back home. Normally I focus to change their concussions during seminar. So my last London seminar was closer to my target. But still I was the person who is giving the magic. I believe that everyone can make their own magic, their own miracle.

So I was thinking and thinking what would be the best for everyone without my magic. And I figured it out. Whatever you are doing now put 100% effort in it. Do your best at whatever is in front of you.
The thing in front of you might be not the thing you wanted or even worst the thing you hate. But I tell you, you don’t have choice. You can’t change things in front of you, things that are in your life. Life and Universe doesn’t care about your opinion. Because those circumstances are not perfect you are not giving your best.

For example, you are a movie director and you have a role to give. It’s not the best job in the movie. You have one actress who is not happy with the role. She thinks this is not for her, this part will make her carrier miserable. The other one who thinks I’m an actress I will play the best way I can.  Imagine you still are a director and you have a new movie. This time you have the leading female role to give. Who would you give it to. That’s how the Universe is seeing you. If you would like your live to improve give your best now. Do everything with your best effort. If you going for a drink today, enjoy it as much as you can. Heading to work which you hate, put more effort and try to impress yourself. But don’t do it just for one day, do your magic every day.