I have just finished teaching the Spiritual Anatomy® Practitioner Course a few days ago. Most of students travelled from Japan for the course. Their enthusiasm is wonderful! I am sure they will become brilliant practitioners, and I am looking forward to seeing it.

I have noticed that lately there are a lot more spiritual healers and therapists than before. I’m wondering if they are becoming popular occupations.

I am one of them and I can say that being a spiritual healer or therapist is not the easiest job in the world. In fact, they are quite difficult ones.

Many people assume that if you have psychic abilities of seeing things that normal people can’t see, that is a qualification enough to be a spiritual healer. But that is not the case. Many people assume that psychics know every answer to any question. That is not the case either. Psychics are not people gifted with the ability to give answers to life’s problems. It is impossible to know all the answers to questions regarding someone else’s life. A clairvoyant won’t be able to heal all the wounds that a client carries.

I myself won’t know anything about a new client until I listen carefully to the client, and then I search where the core of the problem lies. Only then I can start looking for an appropriate process for him/her to heal.

I call myself a heart (Cocoro) doctor. If I get the diagnosis wrong, then the procedure will be wrong, and it will leave the client in a mess. It is just as serious as a heart surgeon making a mistake in open heart surgery.

It is a stressful job. So I really appreciate the enthusiasm of the students who want to become a practitioner. I talked about this to the students during the practitioner course.

Saving people’s heart and making them realise their true self – it is a wonderful job, but it is not an easy one.

What’s different from real doctors is that the process of getting a client better is not based on the knowledge and statistics but it is more about using the 6th sense in understanding a client. And instead of prescribing drugs, I let the client discover his/her own healing ability and heal with that energy.
Using the 6th sense instead of knowledge and statistics in order to understand a client requires the life’s experience of the healer. In other words, a healer can only understand as much as what s/he has experienced and overcome in her/his own life.

“Shamanic process” means that a person who is born to be a shaman (a person who goes into trance and communicate with super natural beings such as spirits, divine beings, nature spirits, ghosts etc.) is given a life’s path that is filled with obstacles to overcome to become a shaman.

Healers are the same as shamans. Being a healer is not a natural born ability. Rather, a healer is someone who has gone through his/her own healing process through overcoming many difficult life experiences and gained deep understanding of him/herself, so that he/she can truly empathize with his/her client.

What I want to say is that a person will naturally become a healer when he/she has overcome the difficulties in life and healed him/herself.

If someone is not given a hard life, or someone who wasn’t able to overcome it and heal him/herself, then the person would better find another job using his/her other talent.

For most people, difficulty in life is enemy. But for shamans and healers, it’s a treasure.