I have recently met a genuine healer for the first time in many years. I was so excited, I couldn’t sleep. Since I have started this work, my wish to meet a teacher or colleagues who I can genuinely respect was becoming stronger day by day. As if to meet my wish, I had chances to meet many “successful” healers and therapists, both in Japan and the UK. I was always full of expectation and excitement before meeting them.  But I was always disappointed afterwards, because I couldn’t feel love at all in their energy and what they must say. After a while I realised that a “successful” healer doesn’t mean a “genuine” healer.

I had come to realise that people tend to be attracted to healers who are good at business & advertising themselves, or who have big promoters or sponsors.  I was let down so many times. Then I stopped the search for a teacher/colleagues who share my view.  I decided to fight my own fight alone.  I came to believe that as long as I keep going, the vibration of this world should rise eventually.
One day I heard of Russell Brand, a well known comedian and actor.  I saw his bills posted everywhere in London, and that caught my eye.  For some reason I was vey attracted to the posters.  Then I started to search everything about him as if I was possessed. He used to be a cocaine/heroin addict, and he has been arrested 16 times in the past.  He also had numerous mental/emotional problems such as sex dependency, but he has overcome these difficulties all on his own.   A lot of his difficulties overlapped with mine, I didn’t feel he was a stranger.  I felt overwhelmed by a sense of comradely. He is not a healer by profession, his job is to make people laugh as a comedian.  But the way he tells you everything about his past so openly, and the ability to turn that into laughter is very healing.  To me, he is more a healer than those who I met in the past. I started to wonder if I could have a chance to meet him, just once is fine.  Then my friend who works for an event organising company invited me to an event with Russell Brand hosted by her company.
So I went to the event.  It was titled “RECOVERY”. It was not his usual stand-up comedy evening that is filled with laughter.  It was organised for people who suffer from dependency problems. The venue was a church.  It was much smaller than I expected.  Tickets were sold out as soon as they became available, but there were only about 500 seats.  I begun to wonder if Russell Brand is really going to turn up in such a small venue. He did turn up.  He casually walked in the church.  His attire was flashy like a rock star, but his energy was very pure. As the title for the evening suggests, the atmosphere of the evening was heavy.  I couldn’t feel any supportive energy in the venue.  The event was scheduled for two hours, but I begun to worry if he can withstand such a heavy atmosphere for two hours.
People who were there blasted him with very heavy and difficult questions, one after another, and I was so worried about his energy level and I couldn’t enjoy the event at all.  I nearly became angry about event staff who were just standing there doing nothing.  “Why are they not giving him energetic support?!  He is on his own and trying so hard to raise people’s energy level!” Of course the event staff were paid to be there for the smooth running of the event, they were not there to give energetic support.  If they were asked to do that, they probably wouldn’t know how.  There was no reason for them to be blamed for not giving energetic support by someone like me. But Russell Brand was truly brilliant.   Heavy and difficult questions carried negative energy and that was directed to him.  But his energy was very strong and stable, it didn’t flinch.  He received heavy energy, and he returned it with huge love.  Everybody who were there were wrapped up in his love. I think this ability to send love to everybody can only come from his own experience of overcoming difficulties and become able to truly love himself.  I felt what he did was almost like act of God.  He is a healer like no other. I was so moved, impressed by the way he can make people feel love.  I was speechless.  And on top of that, he suddenly said ‘Hey, let’s do a book signing.  My new born baby is fast asleep by now and I don’t have to go home early tonight.’  I couldn’t believe his generosity.  He was prepared to go even further to give love to the audience! He started signing his book one by one, and listened to the story of the person in front of him.  I looked around, and I still couldn’t feel any sense of support from the event staff.  There was a staff who was eating sandwich next to him! I joined the queue, of course.  And before I had a chance to ask for a photograph with him, he gave me a big hug!  After that I don’t remember much.  All I remember is that I bought a bottle of water in a café to calm myself down before catching a taxi home. And here is a story he told us during the event that I would like to share. When he came to realise what his true self was, he also realised there is something wrong in this society.  He thought about what he could do, and started to visit people who have powers to change such as politicians and persons of wealth, to ask for cooperation to change the world for better. But they weren’t interested.  They didn’t listen.  What they said was that if they followed what Russell Brand has got to say, that means they have to pay tax and live a straight life like normal citizens.  “Why do we have to do something for citizens that makes loss for us?  Come on, we’ll teach you how not to pay tax and you will soon be rich enough to buy an island.  Forget about your stupid idea, and become one of us.” After meeting them, he realised that unless these people change, and as long as they are in power, society is not going to change.  He was deeply disillusioned.  But still he wanted to do something to help people who are suffering at the bottom of the society, like people who suffer from drug addiction or mental problems.  So now he visits prisons and rehabilitation centres for people with drug problems. He is rich and famous enough to be pulled into the dark side, and he could have chosen to live a life of luxury, paying no tax and buying an island or two. But he didn’t.  He chose to remain as a citizen, and to help to raise the standard of life of people who are suffering at the bottom of the society. That made me convinced that he is a true healer.  Yes, I did see a very powerful  spirit guide behind him, but it’s him who is making the choice and living by it. I was nearly crushed by the heaviness of the energy in the venue after two hours of being there.  He has no obligation to throw himself in in that energy.  He doesn’t have to see it, he could live a life of luxury, but he is choosing to share his time with people who have life’s problems.  His generosity and gentleness really touched my heart, and my sense of loneliness in continuing my work alone has disappeared.
The scale of number of people he can reach out is so much bigger than mine, but knowing that someone out there like him is making the best effort to support people gave me encouragement and strength.  It gave me the confidence and courage that I can keep on going even if I am on my own.  I was so filled with joy that I couldn’t sleep that night.  It was wonderful to meet such a genuine healer.