I will talk a little about psychology today, about the cause of mental conditions like the ones listed below.

Dependent personality

Panic disorder

Attachment disorder

Love dependency

Obsessive compulsive disorder



And…the one I had suffered for more than 10 years – Eating disorder.

If you go and see the psychiatric doctor, all these cases are often regarded as autonomic nerve problems and treated with tranquilizer.

When you take the tranquilizer, it will soften your symptom and you feel relief for a while.  But when the effect of the drug wears off, you will suffer from the symptom again.  That is because the root cause is not addressed.

You have your true character, emotions and feelings that you feel from moment to moment, things that you want to express, say or do.    To put it very briefly, mental conditions like above arise from suppressing these things.

In other words, if you stop suppressing yourself, then the mental symptoms will disappear.

I am not a doctor so it takes courage for me to say this, but I am speaking from my own experience.  When I liberated myself totally from suppression, my eating disorder disappeared.

I went through treatments after treatments.  I tried all sorts of different things, but these treatments did not have any effect.   However, when I liberated myself, my condition disappeared.

I have seen a few thousand clients up to now, and the same thing happened to them, too.

But here is a problem.

It sounds easy to say “stop suppressing yourself”.   But there are very few people who actually knows what his/her true character is, and what he/she is feeling in the moment, or thinking in the moment.

Most people believe the character that they have built on the suppressed true self  IS him or her true character.  When I point out that “you are suppressing yourself”,  I often get the answer like “What do you mean?  I am enjoying my life!”

There aren’t that many people who are actually aware that there is a suppression, or who understands what part of him or her is suppressed, or how it is suppressed.

In the spiritual talk, we often hear the phrases like “searching for one’s soul” or “finding your true self”.  It is the same in the world of psychology.

By knowing yourself inside out, you will know for the first time if you have suppressed yourself.  And you can liberate yourself from the cage of suppression by knowing yourself inside out.

And now I can talk about my world of Spiritual Anatomy®.

It is possible to liberate yourself from suppression through counseling sessions.  However, there is another way – Spiritual Anatomy® way.  By activating your soul, your body will start to turn round and round, and your suppression will be freed.  Your own soul does the work.

People who attended my seminar will tell you their experience of how they couldn’t stop their body from turning around, or how they couldn’t stop laughing.  I’m sure that was an experience they never had before, they must have exhausted themselves!   The number you turn around is the number of times you had suppressed yourself in the past.  This method works very fast, it  brings changes very quickly, and it is a fun way, too.

But it doesn’t really matter how you free yourself from suppression.  It depends on what you are inclined to do.  Some people would want to do it slowly by talking through counseling sessions and confirming every step of healing journey themselves.  Some people would want to do it fast.

The important thing is to reach out for help to healers or therapists who have proper understanding of this.