Spritual Anatomy®によるスピリチュアルと心理学のセミナー・ワークショップ


A Happy New Year

How was your Christmas and New Year?  Did you have a wonderful time? I had a quality time with my family, eating good food and watching my favourite films. In 2018, I feel the speed of manifestation of your intensions is accelerating, it feels even faster than in...

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Awakening the Brain

Returning to your true self means the awakening of your brain. Awakening from what?  From your ego-mind created by your own brain to your soul being who has not lost its connection to the universal consciousness.  In other words, to have the awareness that your...

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The Universal Consciousness beyond Self.

If you want to change yourself, you have part(s) of you that you are rejecting buried deep under your subconscious. If you wish to be successful, you might have the feeling of “I am not special” buried deep under your subconscious. If you find yourself being angry at...

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I Met a True Healer

I have recently met a genuine healer for the first time in many years. I was so excited, I couldn’t sleep. Since I have started this work, my wish to meet a teacher or colleagues who I can genuinely respect was becoming stronger day by day. As if to meet my wish, I...

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Cause of Mental Illnesses.

I will talk a little about psychology today, about the cause of mental conditions like the ones listed below. Dependent personality Panic disorder Attachment disorder Love dependency Obsessive compulsive disorder Migraine Depression And…the one I had suffered for more...

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Spiritual Anatomy® and Ascension.

Ascension is still going on.  Ascension is not a short-term event, it continues for another hundreds or even thousands of years. Most people live in the 3rd dimension. What dragons, other cosmic beings and workers like myself are trying to do is to help people wake up...

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Message from Sanato Kumara

I suffered from eating disorders from the age of 14 until 26. I had tried all sorts of treatment, but it never got better.  Finally, I gave up hope and decided to accept the condition and live with it – and just then, I experienced waking up to my true self. The...

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Magic for Raising your Energy

Did you feel the energy of the mid-summer and new moon last week?  That was awesome! I am usually not aware of the phase and energy of the moon, but even so, I was feeling this powerful energy falling on everywhere, and that made my channels fully open up.  My feeling...

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