Ascension is still going on.  Ascension is not a short-term event, it continues for another hundreds or even thousands of years. Most people live in the 3rd dimension. What dragons, other cosmic beings and workers like myself are trying to do is to help people wake up to at least to the 5th dimension. But workers and cosmic beings are not seeing many people waking up as expected, and that is the trouble. To tell the truth, real ascension starts after we wake up.
Where we live, what we see and the relationship we have are not going to change after we wake up.  But because we will be living in the different state of consciousness, how we lead our lives will be different. I will tell you the difference between the 3rd and the 5th dimensions. 3rd dimension is the old world.  In this old world, there are many unwritten rules, such as: ‘What would others say…’ ‘normally it’s …’ ‘generally speaking it’s…’ ‘that’s how it’s supposed to be done…’ ‘no one would do that…’ ‘common sense tells me…’etc. 5th dimension may have similar rules, because there exist newly awakened and confused consciousness, too.
Having your consciousness in the 5th dimension means you break away from the old rules and common senses, and have faith in your soul and intuition, and following what your soul really desires in creating your own life.  It is a world of challenge, so to speak.

In the 5th dimension, you will feel the flow of the universe much stronger than being in the 3rd dimension.  This means you will need to fine-tune your senses to be able to read the signs and information that the universe puts in your way.  Otherwise you may be struggling to achieve something when you are supposed to be resting, and end up harming your mind and body.  In the 5th dimension, your mind and body is affected adversely much stronger than being in the 3rd dimension when you are going against the flow of the universe. For example, suppose you want to change your job.  In the 3rd dimension, you would search for a new job, go to job interviews, think about a lot and move about a lot before you find a new job.

But in the 5th dimension, it will be a different story.  When you are in the 5th dimension, you would wait for the new job to show up, or being called up by it, when you feel like changing the job.  This will be testing, because you might think “I want to change the job, NOW!” Or “If I don’t put effort in looking for a new job, I won’t find any!”  It’s OK to feel the struggle like that.  But if you wait until your new job calls you, you will feel it with your body.  And you will be transitioning into that space that requires you without effort.  This is how you would be living as part of the universe.
In the 3rd dimension, people strive to get what they want.  In the 5th dimension, you attract things you want.  Little by little, we deepen our understanding of how the universe works, and we realise that our lives are not about getting what we want, but it’s all about gaining experiences.

Spiritual Anatomy® is the work for ascension that is given to me by the universe.  But it is often mistaken that Spiritual Anatomy® is a tool for attracting the life you want , or money, or a relationship.  When you receive Spiritual Anatomy®, it raises your consciousness to the 5th dimension.  It is a result of raised consciousness that you attract things you wanted in your life.  When your mind is in the 3rd dimension, it sounds as if Spiritual Anatomy® is a tool to fulfil these 3rd dimensional desires such as money or relationship. After experiencing both the 3rd and the 5th dimension, there are souls that decide to stay in the 3rd out of fear.  But that is also fine, that is one part of drama.  Ascension is not everything, but it is true that your soul wants to wake up.  When you listen to your soul and go along with what your soul tells you, you might feel afraid because it’s not quite what you are used to.  But it is certain that your soul will love it.