Did you feel the energy of the mid-summer and new moon last week?  That was awesome!

I am usually not aware of the phase and energy of the moon, but even so, I was feeling this powerful energy falling on everywhere, and that made my channels fully open up.  My feeling of joy and excitement hit the peak, and in entrainment to my energy, a student of mine who happened to have my session during this time also opened up her psychic ability.



I was also able to sense what the forthcoming seminar in Japan would be like.  It looks like very strong stream of energy will be downloaded within a short period of time.  I have started channelling the energy for people who will be participating in the seminar.  I feel these people who will be there are strong, and have capacity to be able to deal with the massive download of energy.  I am so looking forward to meeting them!



Every time I give a seminar, I have no idea what kind of work I will be downloading, because it depends on Sanat Kumana and the Dragon who are my guides.  The seminar is different each time, depending on what block you have, what hopes and wishes you have,  and what stage of the soul’s development you are at.



Sometimes a seminar is focused on improving financial flow and I download the works that is filled with sparkle, and other times it is focused on love and I receive energy that makes participants feel like they are put back in the mother’s womb.  When this happened, everyone was crying as they were being healed.



Also, I find people choose to come to my seminar at their perfect timing.  It’s very interesting because when people are ready to wake up, or ready to have a new understanding of energy and a new way of viewing life, they seem to be drafted up to attend my seminar.  On the other hand, there are also people who want so badly to attend my seminar but cannot make it.  That is interesting, too.



Whether you can or cannot attend a seminar for various reasons of your own, I can tell you a simple way of improving your energy.



That is to have faith in yourself.  That is it.  I want you to always trust yourself with all your might.



Just doing this will solve problems around you and makes your life much easier.



Thank you for taking time to read my blog today.   I have uploaded the energy on this blog I  have received during the mid-summer and the new moon period, so that you can receive it by reading this blog.  I hope you will use it to work on having faith and trust in yourself.  It is an energy that will make you filled with love and confidence.


The next magical workshop is TIME TRAVEL !!

Your memory your mental scare is changeable!
Very quickly very powerfully .

29th July in South London West Dulwich