Do you love yourself?
I was not very good at loving myself when I was little.  Looking back, until I became 26 years old, I feel it has been a study period for me to learn to love myself.  I don’t read much these days, but I used to read volumes of books like crazy until the very day I experienced a mysterious happening when I was 26.  I even went to a university believing they would teach me how to love myself.  I thought somebody will be there to teach how to love myself.  But I met myself who truly love herself when I was 26 years old.  My study ended there.

By the way, do you read my website which has been renewed recently?  It is strange, but the renewal of the website has given it a new energy and I was in the process of getting used to it.  Now I have made a good friend with my website and I can send my energy into it.

A brand new website has strong influence and energy of the web designer, and I have to change that to my own energy frequency.  It requires quite a bit of work.  I continue to work on it so that my website and blog will deliver my frequency more strongly.  When I talked about this with my friend, she was surprised to hear that a website or a blog can carry a certain energy.  She has never heard of it.

Changing the subject, there are many how-to manuals and information to tell you how to live life better.

How to attract money so that you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of your life

How to become independent freelancer

How to attract the opposite sex

How to meditate and stay calm

Positive thinking A-Z

How to make money by doing what you enjoy doing

Lose weight in just two weeks

How to gain beautiful young skin etc…

They all sound very good.  But did you know there is one way you can get all of that?  That is:-

To be able to love yourself well.

Our society doesn’t put much importance on this.  It is not taught at primary school.  Math, history, English, science… they are all important, but how best to utilise the knowledge is not taught.

Love is the fundamental energy source to live

What’s lacking in conventional schooling is to teach how to understand yourself, and how to love yourself.  It is important because love is the foundation of everything.

If we don’t have the foundation, how much ever the knowledge we gather, we won’t function very well.

Knowledge and skills are very important.  I agree it’s better to have something that you can do well and excel.  But without love, knowledge and skills won’t work properly.  The energy tend to be discordant, or the person tend to have unstable emotions and may become depressed.

But if you know how to love yourself well, you will be able to stay calm and take appropriate action whatever happens.

If you are reading this blog and feel you have not properly loved yourself in the past, I bet you have experiences of feeling unloved by your parents or family.

Healing the memory

For clients who felt unloved in the past, I access the memory of the client and heal the memory.  When the memory is healed, the client feels love spreading in herself and she becomes able to love herself, as if nothing has happened in the past.

This technique comes from Matrix Re-imprinting, which I have learnt in the UK.  In a Matrix Re-imprinting session, the therapist talks to and leads the client to access his or her own memory, and let the client heal it.

While I was learning it, I became able to access the client’s memory and re-write the memory in the way the client wishes to.  Since then, the ET who lives within me upgrades the skill from time to time, and it has become a powerful tool for me.  It is also a very useful tool and I keep on updating the skill.