I suffered from eating disorders from the age of 14 until 26. I had tried all sorts of treatment, but it never got better.  Finally, I gave up hope and decided to accept the condition and live with it – and just then, I experienced waking up to my true self. The experience was full of wonder, it is hard to describe with words. My eating disorders disappeared as if by magic after the experience.  And at the same time, conversations with a being started, which lasted about two years.

The being told me, among many other things, why people suffer from mental illnesses and explained how human consciousness work.  It was like having personal spiritual lessons directly from god.

And before I knew it, I had become a healer myself, helping people heal their hurt and putting them on the path of awakening.   There were many synchronicities in the process of my becoming a healer.  I felt like I was lead by an invisible thread, and becoming a healer felt like it had been decided before I was born.

One day about two years into my new career as a healer, the being who gave me spiritual lessons suddenly decided to come into my body while I was giving a seminar to Japanese people in London.  He talked in cosmic language, but for some reason I could understand all of what he was talking about.  Somebody in the seminar asked, ‘who are you in Momoyo’s body?’.  Then the cosmic language stopped and my mouth shouted out in Japanese:- SANAT KUMANYAAAA!!!

I later found out he really wanted to say Sanato Kumara. The being who took over my body talked non-stop for over five hours in a cosmic language, and then went back to wherever he was from.  That was the first time I understood it was Sanato Kumara who had lead me to the awakening, has been talking to me and giving me such powerful energy. There is a belief that Sanato Kumara resides in a higher dimension above Mount Kurama in Kyoto, Japan.  But as far as my channelled information goes, he is in many other places.  Sometimes I get a vision that Sanato Kumara is observing from a distance and embracing the earth with warm loving energy.  However, because people believe Sanato  Kumara is above Mt. Kurama and go there to talk to him, there is a strong energetic line that connects people with Sanato Kumara – just like a telephone cable.  I sometimes get called up to be there, too. When I am called up, I often get new downloads of energy and work.  It’s perhaps easier for Sanato Kumara to use the line that is already established in Mt Kurama.Sanato Kumara calls us humans “my children”.  Whether you are teenager or in your seventies, in his view we are all children. And here is a message from Sanato Kumara.

Earth is stinking.

How could you all live in such a stinking place?

Grow more flowers and green plants.

Become more sensitive to what your body tells you.

Make your environment to suit your well-being.

Then you will feel peace and calm, you will laugh and smile more.


Old people, don’t stick around with your own age group.

Talk to young people, look after children.

You can lighten stresses of young people,

Because you have experiences.

Why are you living long for?

Help young people.


Young people, slow down.

You are walking too fast, you are forgetting to breathe.

Where are you going so fast?

You can be here and now, and you can only be here and now.

Bring yourself to a place where you can laugh.

The frequency of people laughing

Is the best frequency that  us spirits can make contacts.

Laughter brings you good luck and wealth.

I received this message today.  Readers of my blog are mostly young people, so I was not sure what to do with the message.  But when I received this message, It reminded me of my grandma.  She was a medium, she was always laughing out loud.  Sometimes she was laughing so hard that tears came out of her eyes, her nose ran and she farted, too.  She was very popular among my friends.  When I was having a tough time, she always stroked my back and told me everything will be all right.  I had a lot of encouragement from her.  Her words were convincing because I knew they came from a person with a lot of life’s experiences.  When she said, ‘everything will be all right’, I could believe her.

So here it goes.  I am happy if you could make use of the message.