I never seem to attract the person I fancy…

Whether you are male or female, don’t you think it brings happiness to be chosen by someone you love or fancy and be able to spend time with him or her?

But there are many people who think they never attract the person he/she fancy.

Your vibration never lies.

Surprisingly, the reason why you can’t attract the person you fancy lies in your lack of self-confidence.

The person you want to attract picks up that vibration of lack of self-confidence in you.

You may be someone who can get along superficially with the person, but it never develops into a meaningful relationship or marriage.  This might also be due to your lack of self-confidence.

The vibration you emit never lies.

And people tend to prefer higher, beautiful vibrations.

There are certain people who seem to always attract everyone around him or her.

Do you feel jealous and think that is unfair?

But just a little trick will make you just like that person who attracts everyone.

There is a very simple image work you can do:-

*Breath deeply twice before starting the work*

First, imagine that there is a little “you” on your palm.

Then imagine yourself to be the opposite sex, and observe the little “you” on your palm.

How does little “you” appear to you?

Do you see an unhappy face?

Then people around you or person you fancy may find it’s not much fun hanging around with you.

Does little “you” appear to you that he/she is not very confident?

Then the person you fancy might feel you might be clingy or too dependent so he/she might want to avoid commitment.

Does little “you” appear to be acting beyond his/her capacity?

Then people around you or person you fancy may find it tiring to spend a length of time with you.

You might observe many other qualities in the little “you” from the point of view of the opposite sex.

But as long as you are aware of these qualities, you can work on them.  If you don’t know what vibrations you are giving out in the first place, you won’t know what to work on.

This was a very simple exercise to observe yourself objectively.  Please try!