Nearly 10 years ago something amazing happened to me. My soul woke up. Before that I was believing that my ego was me. I would like to share with you what I learned. I believe we have two worlds. In the first one your ego is mind controlling you. The second one is when your soul is having a trip in your body. With the first one lot of it depends on your childhood. All egos share the same characteristic. Ego is always hungry for money and hungry for love. Ego will always seek more money, need more love. Ego will never have enough. If you living in the first world you will never be satisfied. So for me the first option feels wrong. And living in it will make your life hard.

Now the second one, were your soul is having a fun trip. I would like to say soul equals love. Where you are always satisfied in any situation any circumstances. Because soul feels this is a trip, soul feels it’s going for holiday. So even if you encounter trouble soul know it’s part of the fun. For example, you are in a different country and you lost your way. Scary? No its not scary, your soul feels exited. In a way all drama is exiting. If you will make your soul feel something, your soul will make an energy ripple and draw in all the necessary things to progress with your trip.

I will tell you a secret the soul has power to draw many things in to your life. Soul doesn’t make money. Soul will draw money for you, it will do so because it wants to continue its journey. Unfortunately, ego doesn’t have this power. My live shifted 10 years ago form my ego to my soul and my soul keeps providing me with all the things I need to continue this trip.

I wish you all to find your sponsor.

Bon voyage