Throughout the world, people’s emotions are yo-yoing rapidly.

When human emotions are not settled, calm or happy, negative emotions take over and people can attack people and this perpetuates the negative energy. The whole world is upside down, we need to look at ourselves and heal.

From our own issues and traumas, we link and reflect upon what is going on in the world of a similar traumatic nature and it worsens our own experience and strengthens it and it becomes too hard to cope with and we lash out in ways we didn’t even think possible.

For example, in Japan, on the outside, it has the appearance of a peaceful and Zen country. However, as a result of recent world changes, namely Brexit but also high levels of economic debt, the Japanese Yen has soared and left its tourist industry starved. This has put an immeasurable stress on its people and now, the news regularly features stories of demonstrations of people not knowing how to deal with their stress.

Because people do not heal their scars and stresses, the world becomes more negative and scarred and because the world is negative and scarred, its people are further scarred and traumatised. It’s a vicious cycle.

To break this cycle we first need to know we are in the cycle. Instead of trying to change the world, you need to change yourself. Take a look at yourself. Why are you so angry? Why do you have so many worries?

Your worries stem from the environment you grew up in. Despite whether your family are wealthy or poor, there can still be money worries and these worries come from a place of insecurity and doubt. These feelings need to be replaced by feelings of love and self-acceptance.

Meditation is how we can break the cycle. From reaching a place of complete clarity and understanding through sinking deep down into our consciousness and passing through to our subconscious, then continuing onto our souls and finally the universe. We can find answers and enlightenment.

We need to change the brain waves and frequencies through which we operate. I can create the right frequencies to aid the brain to find this route into the subconscious. Through deep meditation, this can be achieved.