Spritual Anatomy®によるスピリチュアルと心理学のセミナー・ワークショップ

Spiritual Anatomy®: Time travel


Event Fully Booked.

Date: July 29th, 2017

Start time: 14:00

End time: 16:00

Venue: West Dulwich,

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Event Fully Booked!

Spiritual Anatomy® magical evening with Momoyo

Spiritual Anatomy® is a very powerful magical tool for you to enjoy your life in full. MOMOYO will drop your consciousness into the magical field. This will take only a few minutes. Once your consciousness is drop in to the magical field then this field will release your life stress, heal your emotional scars and recharge your self-love.

  • You’ll experience inner peace.
  • You’ll experience magic power.
  • You’ll experience your own natural healing power.
  • You’ll experience excitement.
  • Momoyo will bring the energy which is very warm very feminine.
  • This energy will fix your hormones.
  • This energy will reconnect you with your mother.

Time Travel

If you have a bad memory and you want release yourself from the memory.

Then you can!

  • This work is perfect for your trauma.
  • This work is also very good if you are blocking yourself because of the bad memory.
  • For example, you approached a girl when you are teen then failed. Since then you are afraid to approach to someone or afraid to have a relationship with someone.
  • For example, your background was really poor, even your financial is ok now but you are still thinking about yourself as not wealthy.
  • This magic works great for these mental scars.
  • You can also reconnect with your parents or close people.
  • Your memory your mental scare is changeable!

How dose it work.

Momoyo will activate your pineal gland. Pineal gland is believed to be the “principal seat of the soul” She found if people’s pineal gland is activated
then your brain waves can go higher which means you can create positive thoughts. Despite its location in the brain, a long and very complex system of interactions is involved in the stimulation of the pineal gland. Light striking photoreceptor cells in the retina triggers the release of nerve signals to the brain to produce what we perceive as vision. This also gives you the sensation of being here and now.


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Event Details

Date: July 29, 2017

Start time: 14:00

End time: 16:00

Venue: West Dulwich

Email: bookings@momoyo.co.uk