Spritual Anatomy®によるスピリチュアルと心理学のセミナー・ワークショップ


Experience the true transformational power of Momoyo, her energy and knowledge. Find yourself on the road to self discovery, where you will transcend the limits of your egoistic self and reach higher dimension of your true self. Knowing the personal matrix that you possess will enable you to realise your true purpose in life. Once the perception doors are opened, once you are spiritually awakened, you will be able to align your individual goals with the greater universal ones. This will break the vicious circle of negative feelings, self-doubt, constant failing and loss of the self. Once the true goals are set, it is only a matter of time until they are reached.

Experience what it means to be fully connected to the Universe and you will see how easy it is to live in accordance with your true self, in complete blissfulness. Below is a list of my upcoming events with details on how to obtain tickets.

Open lectures

A spiritual teacher Momoyo holds open lectures for everyone interested both in Spirituality and Psychology. She gives clear examples of how Spirituality and Psychology are intertwined and interconnected. She also provides insight into how they influence an individual and how an individual can use them on their journey to self-discovery.

Open lectures are a great starting point for all of you who have just started with the spirituality and want to learn more about it. But, they are also a great point for those ready to further their knowledge, both theoretically and practically, as the lectures themselves contain both theoretical part as well as a practical part of how to reach the fifth dimension of the conscious self.


Loved Momoyo and her open natured enthusiasm and insightfulness. A very natural speaker. It was great to experience for ourselves the power of the dragon healing. So I enjoyed the interactive aspect of the course as well. I feel I learned useful and meaningful techniques. 

Momoyo was fabulous and she and her translator relayed the information and energy with grace and style – and some fun! Would definitely attend another event with this beautiful lady. Loved the event so no dislikes.

Loved the speaker. The healing was very powerful and this was one of the most remarkable workshops I have attended at Alternatives over the past 15 years.

I really liked the space/venue and energy of the event. I found Momoyo’s workshop wonderful! 

Upcoming events

Look out for upcoming events and courses. Updated regularly.