Many of my clients wish for me to solve their issues or want me to make what they are wishing for come true.

A typical issue for clients could be, for example, “I would like to have more money” or “I would like to work less”, “I wish to not have this disease” or “I want to have the perfect relationship”.

Most people believe that if they could get everything they wished for, they would be happier.

I would like to say that this mentality is somewhat skewed. I say this with the utmost respect for my clients, but my clients seek quick fixes to their existing life. There is no quick fix to creating a happy life.

Their existing life could already be full of happiness, but they constantly want another life. The key is to look at yourself and to discover who you really are. Your life is not about trying to achieve the ‘perfect life’. It is about looking at yourself and finding out who you are and becoming connected with the universe.

I think it is now time for people to know how to become happy correctly and so I would like to introduce you to spiritual anatomy.

Spiritual anatomy will help you wake up and discover what life can really be like for you. It will connect your brain and your soul and enable you to realize that your mind is not who you are, but that your soul is who you are.

Your soul knows what life is for and your mind is always trying to fill in where it feels something is missing. As long as you are thinking that your mind is yourself, you wont truly be happy.

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