I had taken a break for the last two weeks.

I can’t remember the last time when I had a full two-weeks’ holiday. During this two weeks, I had been to a language school and I was learning English among twenty-something young students. This has been one of my dreams and it has come true at last! I intend to do the same from time to time in the future when I take a chunk of days off.

During these two weeks, I was getting up at 6:30am, got out of the house at 7:30am and came back home in the evening. In other words, I was following the timetable quite similar to office workers’. Now I understand what people working in the office feel like.

As I was following the same pattern of spending time as people who work in the office, I met many office people. That’s perhaps natural, come to think about it. But I have never realized that how you spend time may well define the people you meet.

Many of my clients come to me because he/she has problems regarding their work.

The most common issue I hear from them is that they don’t like the job and they want to quit, but they don’t know what they want to do next. And they feel it is improper to leave without any plan.

People who don’t have problems with their job might wonder: “is that a problem you take to a healer or counselor and pay to talk about it?”

For many people, work hours occupy a large part of their daily life.  For a lot of people, what they do in life, their profession/occupation often becomes part of their personality.

Work brings in income. Changing the job may mean a change in the level of income, which in turn affect their standard of life. It is natural for a client to feel swamped with worries, and it is also natural for clients to come to me for help. By the way, I don’t like being poor. I’m not saying I would like to lead a jet-setting life of luxury and excess. I just do not like the idea of being out of money and be restricted by it.

Generally speaking, people do not tend to treat poor people with respect. Nobody says it, but it is an unwritten truth. But if you don’t like being poor, there is a very simple solution. Work. If you want to earn more money, then find something that you can do better than other people. You do need to put effort into being better in that one thing you chose. But that’s all you need to do.

I have another rule in my life that I follow. That is:
“Everything is down to me.”
I keep saying this to myself all the time.
What this means is that
Whatever disaster happens to me
Whatever unpleasant things I experience

I take it that it is happening to me for a reason. It is happening to me in order for my ego to learn and grow. When you realise this, you no longer blame others. This is not the same as completely forgiving the person involved. I still get angry or mad at somebody, and when that happens, I make myself fully feel the anger. But at the same time I ask myself:-

“What does this mean to me?” Sometimes it takes a few days to find the answer. But if I keep asking myself, I always find the answer within myself. If something unpleasant happens to you and you keep blaming the other person, you might get sympathy from friends and feel better for it for a while, but that will never bring you the true happiness, nor could it help to grow your ego. And probably this person will encounter the similar unpleasant experiences again and again. Because our life is there for our ego to grow, the universe will send you the similar experiences again and again until you become aware of your pattern.

Spirituality and Mindfulness is not about suppressing and unfeeling your negative emotions and pretend to be a positive person. It is not about becoming a nice, gentle person either. I often tell people that I am very human. Because I let my emotions out, and I am honest to my emotions. There are many negative emotions involved, too. But I accept myself as I am, I know it is fine the way I am. I want others to know that they are also fine as they are. To show that to other people, I am living as a representative of the egoists.

People might say “And you are talking about love? You are just a self-centred person!” Well, I bet even mother Mary wasn’t always a saint, I’m sure she had the same emotions we do, perhaps she felt jealous about somebody or maybe she complained about other people. Emotions come and go, but it is our ego-mind that judge whether it is positive therefore good, or negative therefore bad. The important thing is what you do once the emotion is gone. Do you take the emotion as a cue to face up to yourself, or do you keep blaming others or the situations you are in? There is only the choice between the two.

I always make sure that I choose the former.  Interesting thing is, just making sure of this choice in my daily life has improved my quality of life and life’s situation. It is continuing to do so.

In the computer games, the main character gains items and becomes more and more powerful. I feel it is quite similar to that.