I have many guides.  Probably all of you also have many guides.  Each of my guides exists in different dimensions, so I get different messages depending on who is connected to me at the time.  They have different messages and different way of talking.  The guide who was speaking to me today exists in the 11th dimension, and I had a message that sounds a little bit tough.

“From the 11th dimension to the Readers:
If you have ever wondered
“What is my true happiness?”
“What is my purpose of coming to live on earth?”
Then please listen to me.
Your true purpose of life on earth is not about making your life comfortable.
But most people on earth is busy trying to make their lives more comfortable.
Because they have forgotten their true purpose.
Everything that is happening to you.
Is happening in order to fulfil your soul’s purpose.
The Story you are living is the camouflage for you to realise your soul’s purpose.
But everybody is busy trying to decorate the camouflage with their favourite things.
Forgetting about their soul’s purpose.
Now is the time to remember your soul’s purpose.
Except some light workers and ETs with special missions on earth.
There is a soul’s purpose that is common to everybody
That is to raise your spirituality.
“Raising spirituality” might sound vague to some people.
Raising spirituality simply means to raise the level of your consciousness.
To be wiser as a human being, to be wiser as a living being on earth
What does it mean to be wiser as a human being?
It is to become a person who lives by love.
Live by love.
It sounds difficult, yet it is so simple.
It is a person who doesn’t only think about himself.
It is a person who  thinks about other animals, nature and the planet.
And acts accordingly.
It is also a person who lives according to his soul’s purpose.
Living that way is the ultimate love you can give to yourself.
Want to become rich.
Want to get rid of the illness.
Want to solve the problem of your child refusing to go to school.
Want to live more comfortably.
Want to find the spark in life.
Want better job.
You are constantly complaining about your Story.
I will tell you again.
Everything that is happening to you.
Your situation, your relationship…
They are the best stories for you.
To raise your spirituality.
You are not supposed to try to improve your story.
What you need to do is to realise.
That you are living in a story that is prepared for you.
In order to raise your spirituality.
And for getting to know your true self.
Without knowing yourself, there is no way to raise your consciousness”.

This is a strong message that I received today.  But I also felt strong love in the message, because it is true that our true happiness lies in the realisation of what our souls want us to do. Even if we satisfy our human desire, happiness coming from that lasts only temporarily and soon we will have to find next thing that will bring us happiness.  This is not the true happiness.  We will never be truly fulfilled this way. Spiritual Anatomy® is the tool to help people awaken from their story in order to raise their spirituality.  It is for people who are striving to get out of their story.  But it is often misunderstood.  Many people think Spiritual Anatomy® is a tool to make their life more comfortable. People come to my seminars,  they fall on the floor and when they get up, many people expect that life will turn for the better. That is not what Spiritual Anatomy® is about.  When you fall on the floor and come back up, I want you to realise that you have been living in your story.  I want you to wake up from that story and realise what your soul want you to do.  It is to raise your spirituality.
I want you to realise that your story was there for your own progress.  And once you realise that, I want you to move forward and raise your spirituality.  That is what your soul wants. I have a memory of watching Jesus Christ being crucified from the sky.  I hope I can write a book about it some day.  I remember it was a very sad scene.  Christ was radiating light.  He sacrificed his own life for the light to spread, but people didn’t understand it at all.  I was feeling sad because his sacrifice was in vain. Spiritual Anatomy® lets me download light and dragons, but they are information translated by higher beings so that we can understand it better.  In order to let this information run, it requires a lot of energy out of me.  It is not as easy as you think.  So I don’t want to run it unnecessarily, especially when I feel that ‘the light’ is not understood properly.  When it is misunderstood, I often recall that scene of Christ being crucified.
‘The light’ is not for making your living condition better, but it is something that will lead you to the true happiness. I hope I made the difference clear, and I hope this will reach as many people as possible.  Because we really don’t have much time left.