Spritual Anatomy®によるスピリチュアルと心理学のセミナー・ワークショップ

Magical Awakening



Tickets are not sold for separate days. This price is for two days.

Date: 10/02/18-11/02/18
Location: Mary Ward House – Tavistock Place, London, WC1H9SN
Day 1: 10:00-16:00(break included)
Day 2: 10:00-15:00(break included)

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This seminar approaches life struggles and challenges from a psychological and spiritual perspective. This gives you explanation and healing for your mind and your soul. Momoyo’s believe is that every problem and solution is and mix of mind and soul. This is because that we experience all events by seeing it and remembering it with our mind but also feeling it with our heart. Sometimes we need to convince both to change otherwise one will stay behind. This seminar is for people who want to overcome fear, anxiety, depression. It’s about stopping bad habits and bad behaviours. Have you ever wondered why I can’t stop eating or try to be productive but instated you eat even more or become even less productive. Momoyo will explain this vicious circle and help you to brake it. This seminar is designed so that you will be able to take the knowledge home and work on yourself.

About Momoyo

Through her private sessions and seminars, Momoyo has been in touch with and saved more than 3000 people who had mental/emotional problems.  She is currently based in London and travels between Japan and the UK to teach her original technique (Spiritual Anatomy®) which combines psychology and spiritual healing.  She is also a mother of one.

She is actively engaged in her work now but before she had suffered from eating disorder.  She became anorexic at the age of 14 and since then she had visited many experts of human mind and psyche.  But she couldn’t find anyone who could cure her condition. She decided that she would study psychology and she finished Osaka University with a Master in Psychology. But her condition still didn’t improve, so she has began to learn about spirituality.  By the age of 26, she gained deep understanding of how human mind works, and she was also qualified in many counselling and therapy techniques.  However, her eating disorder remained.

But one day, she has awakened to her true self.  Her previous self-image peeled off from her, and she was able to experience what her true self is.  Since then she stopped denying herself, and she stopped suppressing her true character.

This mysterious experience has given her unusual abilities – she has become able to alter how the brain functions. She is also able to peel off self-image of the client with her voice while she talks with the person.  Many people start to cry during the session by just talking with her as it brings up sad memories of childhood.  But the sad memories are replaced with light and happy images by the time the session is over, and the client is released from the negative self-image that s/he held up to that moment.  In short, Momoyo is able to bring the person back to his or her original state of being.

Spirtual Anatomy® Magical Healing

Momoyo is a founder of Spiritual Anatomy®. Her spirit guide is SANATOKUMANA. Spiritual Anatomy®  was unlocked by him. This power gives enables people to love them self again. It cleans your mind and leaves it completely positive. From this moment everything is possible. After the seminar Momoyo always gets feedback form attendees that something unlocked in them and they became happier, richer or found someone/something that they needed.
One of the most powerful technique is the magical healing. Spiritual Anatomy’s magical healing is quite organic. It doesn’t use mantras and it doesn’t use breathing method. Momoyo uses SANATOKUMANA’s powerful love energy which your heart takes in. When this happens you open your heart your brainwaves go very high until Gamma. With those brain waves you will become a new person.

Day 1 Spiritual Psychotherapy Day 2 Magical Awakening 
You will learn an easy method how to get rid off Your trauma. Experience the power of Magical Field that will heal your trauma
You will discover how your conciseness works. Experience your very deep conciseness, you will understand yourself on a deeper level.
You will find the real reason why are you not achieving all the things you want. You will tune in to your sixth sense, this will give you the edge that you need in your life.
If you have a bad habit, this seminar will help you to quit it. The frequency of the Universe will clear you mind, this will enable you to look at life from a fresh perspective.
Are you struggling with depression, if yes come to this seminar and start the process of healing. Recharge your energy with the power of your heart.
All this knowledge and methods are for you to take home and use them anywhere. All this magic is for you to use any time.


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Event Details

Date: February 10, 2018

Start time: 10:00

End time: 16:00

Venue: Mary Ward House, Tavistock Place, London, WC1H9SN

Email: event@momoyo.co.uk