How was your Christmas and New Year?  Did you have a wonderful time? I had a quality time with my family, eating good food and watching my favourite films.

In 2018, I feel the speed of manifestation of your intensions is accelerating, it feels even faster than in 2017. With this acceleration, we need to be even more aware and open to spirituality in order to realise and enjoy our true life. The world that you can’t see with your eyes is right in front of you now.  Whether you choose to step into that world or stay where you are is entirely up to you.
Where I am, the speed of manifestation is unbelievably fast.  So when things don’t happen fast enough for me, I complain to my guides.  It feels that I live in a completely different world compared to a few years ago, when I was stuck in my thoughts and denying anything you can’t see.  I was completely disconnected from spirituality. When we open up to spirituality, it is not only the beings in other dimensions that we start to recognise our connection.  We start to regain human connections to other people.  That’s also something that cannot be seen with your eyes.  This is something that used to be called telepathy, or psychic connections.  People regarded this as having special senses in the past.  But these days, it is becoming a norm within people who are open and awaken to spirituality. In my case, most of my family members live in Japan and I don’t get to see them very often.  But because we are energetically connected, I can sense how they are, whether if they are healthy and happy, or if they are not feeling very well and/or having worries.
I feel I know them better and feeling stronger connection and love to them than when I was living in Japan.  That’s what happens when you realise that you are energetically connected to other people.  I sincerely hope that more and more people become aware and open to spirituality.

My new year’s resolution for this year is to make as many people open to spirituality as I can.  Because I want people to feel the connection to other people at a deeper level.  Because I want them to experience this feeling of connection and love. Love is not about giving or receiving expensive gifts.  Love is not about whispering sweet nothings.  If you mistake these for love, you will soon find out that this love runs out of battery quickly and needs constant recharging.  But when you connect energetically to a person, the connection is direct and you know how much the person loves you, and you know how deep the love is.
I can say the same thing about the connection to dragons.  Dragons have big love.  Their love and care for humanity is much bigger than we have for each other.  So when you connect to dragons, you touch this profound love.  Many people cry because the love is so strong.  And when people connect to dragons, they realise just how much love they have for themselves, too.

I wish everybody a happy, joyful 2018.  Let’s make it a year that you can smile and laugh throughout, even more so than 2017!